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Greetings and welcome to my humble little corner of the Web! My name is Hans Schaefer, though I prefer to go by Phrosztbyte, my handle. Whether it’s capitalized or not (i.e., phrosztbyte) is unimportant as far as I am concerned, although I tend to use the lower-case form in most cases.

My World of Geekery exists for the purpose of providing a central location for my programming, writing and hacking projects, and to describe and promote the world of the ethical hacker (as if there were any other kind–see below for more on this). Geekery is just a word I coined to denote the sub-culture of the geek, the hacker, the techie; the comic book fan and the science lover. All are welcome to read and (hopefully) enjoy my blog, whether you are a fellow geek or just want to learn more about what we are and what makes us tick.

For the benefit of the casual surfer, the layman who wants to understand us, and in order to put those who’ve been misled by the media at ease, let me briefly describe what a hacker is: Many people incorrectly assume that a hacker is the same as a cracker, the latter of which is a criminal who uses technology and social engineering as a means to spread fear, gain riches and generally run amok, claiming the Internet as his playground. The former is the hacker, an “enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer and user”, according to Google, though I like to think of us as simply people who enjoy learning everything possible about computers, networking and science and technology in general, and who experiments with computers and other gadgets in order to do so. Incidentally, there is another word you may have heard: the phreaker uses cell phones to ply his or her art, either hacking or cracking. The hacker would never maliciously spread a virus or harm a computer, partly because, to us, computers are sacred, and partly because hackers are not criminals.

For more on the difference between hackers and crackers, and for a general description of each, please feel welcome to read *my blog entry* on the subject (I haven’t written it yet, for those who are wondering; the asterisks will eventually surround a link to the article).

As far as who I am, as opposed to other hackers, I’m a computer science student, an aspiring writer and an ethical hacker; in other words, I’m a geek, and this is my world. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring it as much as I enjoy living it. And who knows, maybe you’ll realize the world of geekery is where you belong, that you may just be a geek at heart yourself. Until my next post, I wish you all a happy day!


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